Sunday, March 30, 2008

Here's the thing

If I were unfortunate enough to be traveling via Heathrow's new terminal, I would not check my bag. I would just not do it. Period. Seriously, what do people think is going to happen?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Travel Diary: 19 Feb 2008. Jaywalking in Berlin: First impressions.

-I love the huge dogs that trot along lead-less besides their owners – but not the presents left behind for me to tread in if I am not careful. (Berlin is not as clean as I thought it would be – not like Munich and Frankfurt, the other two cities in Germany I have been to. But I suppose it has that gritty modern city feeling to it.)

-I love the way people ride their bicycles through the wide modern streets – but not the way they almost knock me over.

-I love the old-fashioned little green and red men, and the fact that people stop for pedestrians –but no one seems to jay walk. I wonder if it's illegal? It tries my Londoner's patience.