Thursday, June 26, 2008

Serbian Food part 2: fruits & veggies

Actually I have decided I'm just going to live off the market.

Yesterday's take. Total: 200 din, or £2, aka what you would pay for 6 lackluster tomatoes and 4 sickly peaches... if they were on sale. The tomatoes don't look very red because of the flash but they are, oh they are.

Today's take: Total: about 200 din. The blob in the plastic bag is kajmak, a love-it or hate-it Serbian cheese, cross between butter and cream cheese. I love it.

҆opska salata, today's lunch

Monday, June 23, 2008

Serbian food!

I am currently rethinking the purpose of this blog but for now have some pictures:

Serbian food has a reputation somewhat like that of British food but actually, like British food, it is not too bad. So long as you like meat. Heaven help the vegetarian, whose options are limited to; fried potatoes, cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes. And I'd better not forget beer, coffee, and cigarettes, since these are a food group in and of themselves for most Serbs. All the same, there are delicious palancinke to be had, yummy pastries, and loads of fruits and vegetables, at least in the summer (and I intend to never experience a Serbian winter, if I can help it). Obviously I won't starve, but it might be a challenge to eat healthy and not gain a lot of weight! And how early, exactly, will I have to get up for it to be cool enough to run? Ah well.

I went to the grocery store after my lesson today and that is always an interesting experience. I was really disappointed with the selection of fruits & veggies but maybe one has to go to the market for that. No problem. In the meantime I bought plenty of things to tide me over. It always amazes me how much salami etc costs, about 8000 din for what would cost 1/4 that in the UK!