Thursday, August 2, 2007

Funicular funicula funiculi!!

I feel like anything I can say about Slovenia will never really describe it as well as pictures can, so I will put some up as soon as possible. The cave was really amazing, and yesterday I spent the day at Bled, which is at the foot of the alps, and it was just perfect. I went with a girl from the hostel and we rode bikes around the lake, rowed in a boat to the little island on the lake and got out to ring the church bell for a wish. I wont say what I wished but it was rather a lot to ask! A girl in my dorm asked if it has come true yet but I said I thought I had better give it longer than a day! WE ate lunch in the boat on the way back. While riding the bikes I spied something on the opposite hill that looked like a great deal of fun. Upon further inquiry we learned that it was a track upon which one could descend the hill in a very rapid manner, contained in a bobsled-like contracption. That seemed like a good idea to me so off we went to the 'funbob'. It was soo cool! Then it was nap and sunbathing time on the lakes beach, and then up to a cool antional park gorge type place where we walked along the side of the river through the gorge for a few miles. All in all in was a pretty perfect day.

Today is the first day I have spent the whole time in Ljubljana... Its a reallly lovely city, cafes everwhere, the embankment is particularily charming. I have been up to the castle in a funicular (which I have never heard of until Slovenia, much less ridden in, but here I have done two, one also at the cave--my lazyness declares it an excellent invention.) and shopping for postcards. Anyhow, time to go, I hate being a computer hog at the free internet. Onto Budapest on the night train.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel! It seems like all-in-all you're having a good time. Bakersfield is miserably hot... I envy the fact that you're travelling around all alone meeting new and interesting people from all over the world! Be safe and have fun!

Camille Remarkable said...

Hey Rachel!

I am a friend of Leonard's who is moving to Slovenia in a few weeks. He told me about you and showed me your blog and told me we should know each other!

My blog is (though I am starting a new one just for my Slovenia adventures).

Anyway, nice to e-meet you. I hope we can meet in person soon!


Rachel said...

Camille, you are very lucky, Slovenia is a beautiful and friendly country and I often thought, while I was there, that I would like to live there. I even toyed with the idea of switching to Slovenian history so I could spend more time there. What part are you moving to?

Camille Remarkable said...

Hey Rachel!

Thanks for the extra vote of confidence!

I am moving to Radovljica which is right next to Bled. I am sure you went throught there since it is home to big tourist attraction numero 2. :)