Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rome day II part I

The girl I was traveling with had an emergency and decided to go home, so that pretty much killed the morning and early afternoon.

I decided to try and make up for lost time and headed towards the Coliseum. I thought I'd try and pretend to be an EU until 25 since you get it free, but the lady wasn't having any of it even though I showed her my university of London id. Oh well.

Me in front of the arch of Constantine:

Had a look around the Coliseum, then headed over to the Forum where there's infinitely more stuff to look at. It's rather like an ancient roman junkyard.

I did the Rick Steve's self-guided tour in fits and spurts, dodging this way and that to avoid large tour groups. Several people approached me and asked me if I wanted a tour guide, expats and art students trying to make a few tax free euros, which seems very noveau grand tour to me, and appealing in way, but not enough to make me want to try it myself.

I rushed a bit through the last of the Forum to try and get to Palatine hill before it closed.

No luck there, so off to St Peter's in Chains:

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